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Descendants of

Salem, Massachusetts - USA

Ellsworth and Elizabeth Melanson


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Latest Postings


Fla Kin Drop in

Glenn Jan and Paula Sept 2013


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2012 Christmas with Florida kin dropping in

Jennifer and Glenn

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Thea - George and Bayne's Great Granddaughter - candidate for Pulitzer winning photo



California kin going for the gold Feb 2013

Bob, Patty, Eric, Mat



West Coast Christmas with the Grandchildren - Dec 2011

Eric, Eileen, Rich

Patrick, Matt, Scott, Erinn, Lauren, Noelle





Charlie and Dot's Photo Archives

Ellsworth's siblings and wife - 1955

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Christmas 2011


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Frances and Toms wedding - Oct 23, 2011

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Aunt Marjes 90th birthday party - July 2010

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Florida Kin Feb 2010

Jo and I dropped in St Petersburg for a visit and meal while shopping for property on Florida's west coast

Front- Sean (David and Terri's son) and Mary Kate (Kitty's Daughter)

Back - Jan, Terri, Glenn, Kitty, David, Bob


Christmas in 2009 at 39 Pine

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Not so new postings and still good




Finally a Stella Picture !!

These photo's prompted Bayne to email me the  following:

"I love the pictures that Frances provided. Those pictures brought back so many memories for me.  I remember Frances' family so well, because I used to go to Frances' house so often when I was visiting Nana on school vacations, etc.  Stella was the sweetest lady.  I don't think I ever saw her without a smile." 

Stella died a bit young and most (maybe all) of her grandchildren didn't have the pleasure of knowing her.
I have the same memories of Stella as Bayne,  a very cheerful woman .



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Larry and Jeannie's great grand kids

Nation Wide 2008 Christmas Shots

Paula's tough Duty

West Coast Visits Sept 2008

Florida Kin come North Aug 2008

Red Sox honor Ruth !!

Isabella May Mace - Demeritt's great grand child

Christmas 2007 pics

Florida Halloween 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Brannon John Charland

Christmas 2006

Frances Surprise 70th Birthday

Thanksgiving 2006

Uncle Rich's 83th Birthday Gala

Sean Melanson Baseball

West Meets East Clan Gathering July 2006

Old Friend Street Pics

Eileens 80th

Eva Marie


Thanksgiving 2005


Christmas 2005


Special Old time Photos of Bills Family

courtesy of Frances


See Photo Archives below for other events


Clan Gathering of summer of 1964



Clan gathering of Aug. 24, 2003 -May and Greg's 90th Birthday Bash



Only Picture of Elizabeth's father

William Melanson ( Elizabeth's son)- William Bayne (Elizabeth's Farther)

 1912-1998                       1858-1929     




Ann sent this rare early photo of Ellsworth   circa 1925

Caption says:

"The Buffalo Spiders were a men's club in the Mac park area of Salem. Club members are shown here in a 1925 outing at Salisbury Beach."






Ellsworth Elzear Melanson                     Elizabeth M Melanson

          1889-1950                                        1890-1969

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Dinner with the Florida cousins !! Jan 2005

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West Coast Update 2004


Thanksgiving 2004


Christmas 2004


Summer 2004 reunion

(40th Anniversary of the first one)

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 West Coast Christmas 2003


Pictures of East Coast Christmas 2003 !!


May and Greg's 90th Birthday Party

Aug 2003




New Postings !- Newest Melanson -Sean David Melanson -West Coast Thanks Giving 2002- Jenna's First Prom - Christmas 2002

Newest Melanson

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West Coast Thanksgiving 2002

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Jenna's First Prom

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Christmas 2002

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Thanksgiving 2002

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Larry and Jean come East - Aug 2002 pictures


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Old Family Photos

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For  very interesting stories and books on our earliest Melanson Ancestors  click on:


This story claims the name Melanson is unusual in that all descendants in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are from one couple

Pierre and Priscilla




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